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We want your vision to become our vision.

Signature weddings and events are what Veil & Vine are all about.  Designing a signature event means creating something as custom, unique, and distinct as you are, and doing so creates a lasting impression with your guests and a memory of an outstanding night, long after your event is over. But remember, memorable doesn't have to mean expensive.  We believe that you should be able to have what you want-all in one place-for a fair price.  That is why we have created a destination that includes a indoor Gallery, outdoor Pavilion, and open-air Founder's Chapel.  These three structures, connected by winding pathways and covered walkways make up the Veil & Vine venue. Along with the buildings, we have tried to think of everything you would need so you have access to it all in one place.

Whatever the taste or style you are looking for...
We are the place for you.


Your event will reflect who you are, and the vision that you have for your special day. No matter what that vision is, we can make it happen.  Veil & Vine seamlessly interchanges the different tastes throughout the venue architecture so that all can find a place.

So whether you want a wedding with rustic overtones, elegant lines, a contemporary flair, carefree boho vibes, or anything in between

we are the place for you.

Whatever accommodations you want...
Whatever amenities
you need...
We have got you covered.

Alaska is known for her breathtaking beauty-but also her wild unpredictability.  At Veil & Vine we think that you shouldn't have to worry about whether or not that unpredictability will ruin your day or force you to invest in tents or alternate plans. We have planned for all weather, seasons, and contingencies by including the use of our enclosed Gallery, outdoor Pavilion, and Founder's Chapel so no matter what

we have got you covered.

We will take care of you.


One of the primary goals of Veil & Vine is to insure your special day has everything in one place. Many of the basic amenities that you need are included in your booking. We also offer several add-on options to complete the vision of your special day.  Each booking includes the use of all buildings, round or wooden banquet tables, wooden chairs, a kitchen for catering, bathrooms, etc. From ala carte to full service

we will take care of you.

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