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Veil & Vine

A labor of love and faith.

​The vision of the space that was to become Veil & Vine started many years ago as an idea to create a place for family and loved ones to gather.  We wanted to capture those moments that mean the most to us and immortalize those memories. As we considered this, we felt that others could feel the spirit of that, and we wanted to provide a place for them to share in that process.

This is where the project started to materialize.  We began literally by standing in the field staring at our breathtaking view of Pioneer Peak. We knew we wanted to create a destination close to home so our family could enjoy their special moments in a special place.  We also knew we wanted to be able to use our home and its beauty but that overcoming the challenges that a harsh state brings wasn't easy.  So we put together a venue that provides for all contingencies and gives you a smoothly transitioning space where one can move from pre-event preparation, to ceremony, to reception no matter the season or weather.

The next consideration was based on the idea that everyone had different tastes and preferences. We thought about all the different types of personalities in our own family and how each person was so unique and different.  And with that in mind, we chose to provide a venue that includes elements of many styles, so everyone feels at home. 

Finally, we know that the milestones we celebrate in our lives don't come without a price tag- but also knew from years of catering and event planning that they don't have to break the bank. Most events share a basic set of needs, so we choose to include what we consider the basics with all of our event bookings so those who visit don't feel the need, or pinch, of spending extra money to bring those things in.

With a vision this big, each step of the process has also taken a tremendous amount of faith.  We have relied on spiritual and physical help from both sides of the veil to work with strength beyond our capacity, and experienced miracles beyond explanation.


Veil & Vine has been a true labor of love and faith and we look forward to helping you gather your family and friends for your special day.  Our wedding and event venue is more than just a setting, it is a place where memories are made and forevers are forged.


The Gallery is a 4200 sq ft building complete with a wall of south-facing windows framing Pioneer Peak.

Every detail was thought of with you in mind including the beautiful architectural detailing, spacious kitchen for catering, full bathrooms, and gorgeous bridal suite for you and your wedding party.  This versatile space can be used for everything from weddings - to dinners - to dancing.


The Pavilion gives you the opportunity to enjoy all that Alaska has to offer with breathtaking panoramas. It also allows the freedom to hold your event without worrying about what the weather is going to do or needing to rent additional tents or coverage. Exposed beams and tongue and groove plank add to the simple elegance of this 3200 sq ft structure.

Founder's Chapel

The Founder's Chapel is an open-air chapel connected to the Pavilion and Grand Hall by a winding path through the field. Our chapel creates an intimate space for you to hold your ceremony and exchange your vows. At 1600 sq ft the Founder's Chapel can accommodate most wedding party sizes and includes power, lights, for your ceremony needs.

TheBridal Cottage

The Bridal Cottage is the perfect space for getting ready for your event and making the most of your memories. You and your bridal party will have plenty of room to relax and enjoy your special time together as you get ready with full indoor facilities and multiple vanity stations. With a sweeping walkway connected directly to the pavilion, it is situated perfectly for your grand entrance.

  DISCLAIMER: The buildings depicted on this website are not the actual structures for the Veil & Vine Wedding and Events Venue. They are used to give the viewer an idea of a similar types of structures that will stand upon completion.

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