From Bride to Wife >> Preparing for marriage in the midst of wedding plans

We know your wedding day is one of the most awaited days of your life, and that’s why it's so important to have a planner who completely has your back. It’s the one day that’s all about you, your love, your family, and your friends. But one thing couples often overlook during the wedding planning process is the most important part of all this madness: your future.

Brides often spend an incredible amount time obsessing over the tiny details of their wedding (and we don’t blame them…that’s what we’re here for!), but let’s get real – the reason you’re doing all of this is ultimately to celebrate the beginning of your lifelong commitment to your beau.

In the midst of your handmade invitations, vendor interviews, and peony arrangements, try to find some time to focus on life after your big day.

Don’t just plan for your wedding – plan for your marriage. Here are a few tips:

1. Try pre-engagement or pre-marriage counseling. Receiving counseling doesn’t always mean you’re having problems as a couple. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about each other and to resolve any overlooked issues before they become problems. Talking to an objective third party about your future goals and expectations can help you prepare for any possible bumps in the road and sets the stage for a rock-solid marriage.

2. Be aware of the post-wedding blues. After months of planning and anticipation, a glorious day full of love and laughter, and honeymoon bliss, many brides experience a postnuptial let-down. Real life kicks in and everything suddenly isn’t all about you anymore. It’s important to recognize that these feelings are completely normal and are not an indication that you made the wrong decision! Be excited that your wedding day is the beginning of a brand new chapter of your life, and plan it with that in mind.

3. Plan fun things to do together even after the honeymoon. If you do get a case of those post-wedding blues, don’t worry. Planning fun newlywed activities will give you something new to get super excited about. Create a Bucket List as a couple and make it a goal to check off a few of those items the first months of your marriage.

4. Have a “no wedding talk” date night. Make sure you keep going on dates during your engagement. Try to set aside some time where you both agree not to bring up anything wedding related.

Remind your fiancé that you’re more excited to be married than to get married, and talk about why!

5. Recognize the wedding planning process as a chance to build marital skills. In many ways, wedding preparation presents a mini version of some of the things couples deal with together in marriage: compromise, budgeting, family drama/differences, you name it. Take this opportunity to work through issues together as a team – your marriage will be stronger because of it.