Zanden Turns Two

My Zanden Guy,

Today you are 2! You are my bubbly ball of spunky sweetness…headstrong and vocal and expressive with every part of your being. You are just so very alive and I love your zesty little soul. You like 'getting cozy' and now prefer us to 'do rainbows' on your back instead of rocking before bed...which broke my heart a little as I laid you down to rub your back from the other side of the crib rail last night. Your favorite things are trucks and books about them, cowboy boots, 'tun-guls' [tunnels], horses, Lion King, strawberries, soccer, play dough, farm animals, and of course, your new bestie Daniel Tiger.

Thank you to all our friends who came to play with Daniel and Zanden today! These are the days I never want to forget.