Zanden Grows >> 15 Months

15 months and toddlerhood is here to stay. You've chosen walking over crawling and are speaking more than signing. You love our nightly family bike rides and playing with belts in my closet and locking yourself in Khaleesi's crate and being chased around the kitchen. Your favorite foods are strawberries, bananas, pita bread and cheddar cheese. You are obsessed with doggies, "tucks" (especially Grandpa Dean's F150 and the garbage truck), and the stuffed "orse" [horse] we bought for you at Boot Barn (and all other horses whether real or in books). You take two naps and sleep 10-11 hours at night. You are always happy in the ocean and the pool and you get pretttttty upset whenever bath time is over. You are still the friendliest little waver and will cheer up any stranger who glances your way, and you've even been known to wave hello to the vacuum cleaner. Zanden Guy you are oh so easy to love.