Zanden Grows >> 13 Months

Three baths a day have become the norm around here ever since Z decided to take up the lovely new hobbies of making *face down* dirt angels and picking chewed gum off the playground floor. Yet I dread the day I no longer have to wash those grimy hands or scrub that dirt-drenched face. Is motherhood forever just a series of emotional contradictions?

This boy is busy busy busy. Rabidly expressive, unceasingly sweet. Giggly, impatient, extroverted, and on the go. Strong-willed yet eager to please. Favorite toys are rocks, rattles, books and trucks. Most-used words are "Da-da," "na-na" [banana], and "Eessssse" [Khaleesi]. Throws a fit when Da-da leaves and screams with glee when he comes home. Thinks to give someone a kiss means to gently head-butt them. Will befriend anyone with food to share. This is 13 months and I wish I could bottle up time and save some for later.