Zanden Grows >> 18 Months

Zanden Guy! You are halfway between one and two! 18 months, spunky and wear yourself out with high highs and low lows but are still the happiest little person I know. You are down to one nap a day and sleep 12 hours at night. You are a great helper and take your jobs of feeding Khaleesi, throwing away trash, vacuuming, and mowing our nonexistent lawn very seriously. When you're not hard at work, you love scribbling, snapping your fingers to music, feeding your baby dolls, reading books, going down slides head-first, feeding the ducks with Grandma Jane, and of course playing in dirt holes and cardboard boxes. Right now you're obsessed with "tuck" [trucks], "pum-pah" [pumpkins], and "toe" [toast]. You can't stand being confined or strapped into anything, which means our babywearing days are nearing their end *tears*. Lately we love going to the Safari Park, the library, mommy and me preschool, MOPS, Legoland, open gym, and park play dates with your adorable toddler pals. Every stage is my favorite stage, though they each vanish too fast, and time is overstaying her welcome. Baby boy, please never forget my love, never doubt your worth, never stop sharing your beautiful spirit. I love you.