A Sweet Surprise >> Reveal Party

I am so excited to finally get the photos from our baby reveal party up! One of my dearest friends, Robyn Tiffany of Lil Bird Memories, captured the event and it was so fun to find out that we're having a boy among our closest friends and family in our own backyard. No one knew whether pink or blue filled the confetti poppers until it was time for the big reveal! How? Since I was 17 weeks pregnant at the time (normally you can't find out the sex of the baby until 18-20 weeks), we decided to do a chromosomal blood test and have our doctor directly email a confetti popper company, Thimble Press, with the results. From there, the confetti shipped to us directly, and we didn't even open the box until minutes before it was time to pop! 

The adorable invitations were designed by the amazingly talented Cassie of Peanut Press, our top go-to graphic designer at Amorology. Nancy from Oak & the Owl provided the gorgeous blooms, which I placed with vintage plates from Borrowed Blu, Abbey's wood farm tables, and my mom's vintage silverware and champagne coupes. We also created a pregnancy themed bar complete with "paternity pints" and an array of "maternity mimosas": cranberry craving, prenatal pomegranate, grandma's grapefruit, bumpin' berry and obstetric orange. With a delicious spread of Sprinkles cupcakes and homemade brownies, our "sweet surprise" party will always be one of my favorite pregnancy memories. We simply cannot wait to meet our baby boy!